Here you will find photographic stories of my business trips and holiday travels. They don’t show and don’t describe all that I saw, but show interesting places or such that I have a special fondnes


Crete 2010-2015
Nepal 1986
Las Vegas 2000-2008

My memories of a Crete is a journey from East to West of this beautiful island, which is the southernmost part of the Europe. This trip starting from sunrise in Ierapetra– south eastern, undiscovered yet for tourism part of the island.


I was in Nepal in 1986 as a member of the Reinhold Messner's expedition on the fifth summit of the Earth - Makalu 8485 meters. I was responsible for television and communications technology. I did also photographic documentation for the Swiss company Polivideo.

  I was in Las Vegas a few times but... I don’t especially like this place. The colorful, flashy, made of plastic, the city is a great attraction for gamblers. For me - enough time to see the city once. I think I like more calm and less aggressively attacking my senses places on earth. I was really not happy when my company sent me there once again, as soon as I found interesting areas around the city...
Croatia 2006-2016
Amsterdam !
England 1983-2010
Croatia is my favorite country for holidays. Not far from Poland offering visitors a lot of sunshine, clean beaches and mediterean style architecture. I've been there in a few places-from Pula in the North to Dubrovnik in the South.   Our house is full of souvenirs and symbols of Netherlands - from tablecloth in the kitchen to my wife's warm slippers bought somewhere on Rembrants Plein. Tulips and other flowers from Bloemen Markt in Amsterdam reigns in our garden. Because we love Netherlands and Amsterdam simply... just like this.   Souvenirs from my business trips to England.
I prefer to remember it like it was many years backwards.