My memories of a Crete is  a journey from East to West of  this beautiful island,  which is the southernmost part of the Europe.

This trip starting from sunrise In Ierapetra – south eastern, undiscovered yet for tourism part of the island.
Where Logari olive forest  groves, one kilometer from the village Kritsa, there is a small Byzantine church Panaghia Khera dated from the thirteenth-fourteenth century. This is one of the oldest monuments of religious art in Crete.


Kilometers of empty beaches under the sky who do not know clouds throughout the year


The island of Spinalonga is located in the Gulf of Elounda in north-eastern Crete, in Lasithi, next to the town of Elounda. During Venetian time  the island was carved out of the coast for defense purposes and a fortress was built there. The island has also been a leper colony.
The dominant colors of this part of the island are the emerald sea, blue sky and gray rocks but also...


..fluorescent yellow opuntia cactus fruits... tamarisk trees......


and shady palm forest at Vai beach, the biggest attraction of the north-eastern Crete.
In the way to Vai you must visit the monastery Moni Toplou. During World War II  monks of Moni Toplou actively supported the Greek resistance movement. Monastery itself is from fifteen century.
Shady galleries, narrow passages, whisper quiet conversation and prayer creates a unique atmosphere.
Central part of the island is full of magnificent monuments - palaces of Minoan culture period. The most interesting of these is Knossos. Palace built 2000 years BC over an area of over 17,000 square meters and is partially rebuilt before the First World War by Arthur Evans.


The renovated interior and buildings capture the imagination of visitors and compel us to reflect on the passing of time
Mali is another Minoan Pallace . Mostly ruined involving your imagination...


Ha Gorge is not so famous as the Samaria but looks very wild and impressive.
Ida mountain range also includes other attraction - a large  Ideon Cave often regarded as the birthplace of Zeus.
It is also something for astronomers on the Crete -  Shinakas Observatory at  Mount Ida summit 1750 meteres over the sea level. The biggest installed instrument is 1.3 metres Ritchey-Cretien astrograph  remotely controlled by the shareholders from all the Europe.


Not far from Chania, a bit to south , you can visit Samaria Gorge. It is 16 km long water deprived hiking trail located in the White Mountains in the south west part of the island. At the narrowest point is only 3.5 meters wide and is the pathway for qualified tourists.


Second largest city of Crete – Chania – is located 40 kilometers from the West end of  island. Old Venetian harbor, quiet restaurants and stylish bars creating unique atmosphere allows you to relax.
Another interesting part of Chania district there is a Akrotiri Peninsula with picturesque views and ancient monasteries including Aghia Triada and Gouvernetos Monastery.



From Gouvernetos the path is only accessible by foot and leads to the cave of the Arkoudiotissa....


Further along the path, after a steps descent, is the Katholikon , the third monastery  now abandoned. It is believed to date from the 5th or 6th Century, founded by St John the Hermit. It is built into the cliff, with a unique church largely carved into the rock-face. This striking set of buildings is now overgrown with  fig trees.


...where a stalagmite is said to look like a bear or praying monk.
We get  one of the dozens of ferries that will take us back  to  continent..
Our journey started from the deserted beaches in the east of the island, and we can find them also in the west end.


Crete says goodbye showing a beautiful sunset over the Akrotiri Peninsula...
Δείτε Κρήτη