I was in Nepal in 1986 as a member of the Reinhold Messner's expedition  on the fifth summit of the Earth - Makalu 8485 meters. I was responsible for television and communications technology. I did also the photographic documentation for the company Polivideo. Some of the photos below.


Sunrise in the Himalayas.
Camera Operator Marc Monnerat against a group of Annapurna. Picture from Nagarkot Pass 3300 m.
All pictures I did in Nepal  by Yashica FX camera with lens Yashica ML series and  Kodachrome negative.


Thousands years of history in Nepal can be seen at every turn.
One of the incarnations of the gods in Baghtapur.
The quintessence of  Nepal ...
Sherpa with a basket on his back against a group of Annapurna.
Nagarkot Pass.


Bush fire on the border between Nepal and India.
This southern region of Nepal, called Terai, is a true subtropical jungle.


Bloodless hunt in the jungle.
The organization "Tiger Tops"  organises  accommodation and meeting with the tiger.
This car in heavy fog was seen only by my  camera.
I heard only the creaking of wheels ...


On the way to Base Camp Makalu
Base Camp Makalu ( 5500 m a.s.l.)
Makalu ( at the back) is 8481 meters high .